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Mamedyarov and Wang Hao takes the lead with 3.5/4
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In 2017 IMSA elite mind game rapid field, four rounds have been accomplished for the first day. The top seeded GM Mamedyarov and Chinese GM Wang Hao tied for the leading position with great advantage in the men’s group, scored 3.5 out of 4.

In round 2, they drew with each other. After that, both of them won the game in two straight sets . Wang Hao beat his fellow opponent Yu Yangyi and young Russian GM Artemiev in round 3 and 4 respectively while Mamedyarov , who won two rounds in a row to beat Le Quanglian and Ding Liren. For Tomorrow, Wang Hao and Mamedyarov will meet the challenge from Russian GMs Grischuk and Anderikin Dmitry. Besides the top 2 players, Artemiev,Le Quanglian,Ding Liren and Korobov all scored 2points to stay behind.


In women's group, the two former world champion Maria Muzychuk and Stefanova all scored 3 points out of 4 games, climbing to the top of the leader-board. they met in the first round and got a draw game, then Stefanova won the game in two straight sets with 2.5 ahead alone.In round 4, she drawed with Chinese GM Ju Wenjun,in the other side, Maria Managed to win over Zhao Xue and Lagno in round 3 and 4,joins the lead.Indian GM Harika,Current rapid world champion Anna Muzychuk and Ju Wenjun followed behind.Tomorrow, Maria will play against Harika while Stefanova will meet with Anna Muzychuk.

Tomorrow is the final day for rapid games, please stay tuned to get the latest results.
2017 IMSA Elite Mind Games starts!

The IMSA Elite Mind Games will be held in December 9 through 16 in Huai’an City, Jiangsu Province, China.The opening ceremony was held in the afternoon and was a grandoise event. There was a wonderful performance of music and art, showing the historical features and customs of the ancient city of Huai’an.

This will be a top event in Huai’an involving not just chess. The championships in the mind sports will be extremely fierce, and compettibvie just as all other sports. Everyone can feel the tension in the battle of wits. The IMSA Elite Mind Games include five disciplines: Chess, Xiangqi, Draughts, Go, and Bridge. Moreover, the card game—Huai’an Guandan will be appeared as an exhibition game again.
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